Slavoj Zizek On Belief and Otherness. 2002

Lecture given by Zizek.

Belief is fragile, especially profound religious beliefs. We externalise belief, through ritual, so that we don’t really have to believe. Something out there/ nothing out there – both situations are intolerable to us. We have to dwell in an inbetween and are afraid to take belief too seriously.

Poetic universe vs. Scientific universe, there’s really no such thing as a sunset.

God, for a moment, becomes atheist. The void is inscribed into God himself. Atheism is always characterised by the religion it negated.

Reality is undetermined, principle of uncertainty. The more something is abstract, the more it is ultra-realistic. The true materialist task is to show the imperfectness of reality. Hence modernism was an event, post-modernism is a regression.

Capitalism is universal in the way we relate self to self. ‘Culture’ becomes a hobby after work.


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